**Reunion Photos**

Reunion Photo Galleries:

Note: You can view a slideshow of one person's gallery, or--once you click to select a gallery--you can select All from the dropdown list to see them all in a slideshow. During a slideshow, you can also download a photo, by right-clicking or long-pressing on it. Then just resume the slideshow.

All Classmates can add their own personal reunion photos to their own gallery.

Click the “Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here” button at the bottom of the page to participate.

Follow the directions on screen to create your gallery. Only you (and administrators) can add photos to galleries that you have created, and all photos you add will be credited to you inside your gallery!

At any time, you can add more photos to one of your personal galleries. Note that the button—once you have already created a gallery—will say Add/Edit Photos. Once you have uploaded photos, you can add captions for each photo, select a one to be your gallery Cover Photo, and even edit them (labeled "Adjust"). You can also delete photos... just be careful. Once deleted, you would have to re-upload to add to your gallery.

To access these features, just hover your mouse over a specific photo. With a phone or tablet, just tap to the right of the particular photo you wish to work on.

Use Captions to identify who is in your photos!!

A lot of classmates are uploading their photos to our Facebook Group. To see them, click here..

☆ Photo ☆ Booth ☆
135 Photos  10/8/19
Nancy Adney Guenthner
1 Photo  10/12/19
Carrie Blackburn James
3 Photos  10/14/19
Laurie Bourke Goodman
31 Photos  10/6/19
Debbie Carlson Graham
7 Photos  10/8/19
Randy Ford
17 Photos  10/6/19
Mary Fuller
17 Photos  10/12/19
Jim Goodrich
24 Photos  10/9/19
Michele Hinckley Montgomery
5 Photos  10/6/19
Pam Ingram Abel
6 Photos  10/12/19
Craig Koehler
15 Photos  10/7/19
Bonnie MacEvoy
10 Photos  10/6/19
Diane McCormick Doyle
7 Photos  10/6/19
Chris Myers
10 Photos  10/12/19
Joyce Patti Seymour
23 Photos  10/7/19
Barbie Pickens Bailey
5 Photos  10/12/19
Lorraine Quistberg Rogers
9 Photos  10/6/19
"Robbie" Ram
11 Photos  10/6/19
Linda Temkin Waltzman
19 Photos  10/7/19
Maureen Tomich Krenwinkel
10 Photos  2/16/20
Kevin Vilensky
8 Photos  10/12/19