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Christy McKee

Christy McKee



If you have any details, memories or photos of Christy,
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02/15/19 12:19 PM #1    

MaryAnn Maxwell (Linden)

I remember the day I heard you had died in a car accident.  It was our first year of college.  I was in class and I'm not sure if it was the teacher or someone else in class knew about the accident.  I was in shock.  You were so full of life!  You are missed!

03/02/19 11:27 AM #2    

Jerry Muszynski

Christie,  I still remember that night with you and Dennis.  What a shock it was when we heard the news of the Accident!  Jane and I will always remember you fondly. RIP Jane & Jerry

04/02/19 07:04 PM #3    

Diane Cannon (Robetcky)

Christy was killed by a drunk driver on LBCC's Homecoming Night celebration.  We were in same sorority and I'll never forget her.  That afternoon, I saw here in school library, where she worked.  She asked me to take her place that night, as she had a bad cold.  I remember vividly, telling her not to miss the big game and party.  While sitting in car at the light, waiting to turn left, with boyfriend, Dennis Richards, a drunk driver plowed through intersection, missing turn and hit Christy.  I've thought of her often, throughout the years and wish she could have had a life, as she was only nineteen.  She was a beautiful girl with an adventurous personality who has been missed.

10/01/19 03:18 PM #4    

Kristie Fawcett

I also worked in the LBCC Library with Christy. On that fateful Homecoming Friday, Christy came upon me in a remote corner of the library. I was in tears because one of our supervisors had said some very hurtful, disparaging things to me. Christy overheard, and her words of kindness and understanding made a world of difference to me. That was the last time I saw her, and I never forgot it. Thank you, thank you.

10/30/20 12:41 PM #5    

Gary Ruiz

I first met Christy in elementary school and for some reason everyone took Dons & Debs dancing school classes. She was my dance partner. She was the first girl I ever called on the phone and it took me 1/2 hr to dial all the numbers without getting scared and hanging up. There was always a kind sweetness about her and I still wish her and her family well. 

10/31/20 08:28 AM #6    

Diane Cannon (Robetcky)

Christy's mother died a few years ago, a retired high school teacher in Orange County.  Dennis Richards died about eight years ago, also living in O.C.  He'd married and had a son, and suffered from physical ailments his entire adult life, and died of cancer.  His sister, who was in seventh grade when the accident happened, told me she'd never forget that night, as her parents got a call from Woodruff Communit Hospital, telling them their son had been killed in a car accident!  Her mother screamed a howling scream that awoke his sister.  Upon arrival at hospital, they discovered a mistake had been made and Dennis was alive, but in critical condition; Christy had died.  This whole story has stayed with me a lifetime, as it was those early years of adulthood, and impressed upon me vividly, just how precious life was and could be snatched away so quickly.

10/31/20 12:00 PM #7    

Anna Volta (Katsuki)

She was so beautiful and kind and I still think of her. It was so hard to lose friends at our age because it shouldn't have happened. It's just like when we lost Susan Ritter when I think I was in elementary school. I still think of her also. I'm glad so many of us are thinking of Christy

11/01/20 11:57 AM #8    

Brien Braun

I remember Christine McKee from Cubberley Elementary. We were in the same class thru 6th grade. Our parents put us in Plaids and Petticoats square dancing and I remember that she was a really good tether ball player. I saw her once at Long Beach City College and laughed about elementary school and all the kids and fun we had. She will always be missed.

04/24/21 09:44 AM #9    

Howard Higgins

I remeber the day she died, as news of the accident seemed to spread like wildfire.   I must have gotten four calls inside on hour.

Sadly, you were the first,   You had so many years to go.

Rest in peace Christy.

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