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Melinda Smith (Burton)

Melinda Smith (Burton)


Melinda and I were childhood friends as her family lived right across the street from my family. She was delightful, and we had a wonderful life growing up together. We experienced all the fun Kid stuff, collecting tadpoles in the near by "storm ditch" , creating backyard carnivals, skating all the way around the block, visiting the "turtle lady", helping her dad with the Smith family haunted house, horseback riding at Spiller's stables, and babysitting the younger neighborhood children. I stayed in touch with her parents over the years and they always kept me updated about the family. I know Melinda passed from a long and trying illness and as her sister wrote to me, "I hope that she has found the peace in the next life that eluded her here." May it be so!!!! I will always remember the joyful years we shared. 

—Cyndi Erwin Harrington

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06/04/19 08:36 PM #1    

Randy Jagger

At the beginning of our senior year, I was talking to Melinda about the location of my locker, in respect to where my classes were. She said I could share her locker, as long as I didn't make a mess. I promised, and that was the start of a beautiful friendship. She was one of the nicest, and sweetest persons, I've been lucky enough to know. She actually would get my jokes, at least she acted like she understood them, and for that alone, put her in a special place in my heart. We went our separate ways after a couple of years, and I was hoping she'd show up on this site. When I saw her name on the memorial page, my heart sunk, and I weeped for my friend. Then, I read Cyndi's wonderful, and touching words, and I realized that now Melinda is safe, and not in pain. She will always be in my heart, and in my thoughts. Rest in Peace, MiLady.

06/05/19 05:07 AM #2    

Kathie Redding (Klein)

My old friend Melinda Smith. I don't really remember how we fell in together but it was sometime during junior high school, probably over a shared love of the Beatles. I remember spending the night at her house, each time giggling late into the night. Her parents were wonderful people and very tolerant of our teenaged antics. I remember that we trimmed each other's hair on occasion, the perfect teased up bubble could only be a certain length. I remember going on a car trip into the desert with her family one beautiful Spring day. Seems like her parents owned a van, maybe a VW. I had been searching Facebook for her without much luck, also hoping she would pop up on this Reunion site. Now this sad news. Rest in Peace sweet Melinda. I have thought of you often through the years and will continue to do so for years to come. Rest in Peace... 

06/06/19 11:26 AM #3    

Bonnie MacEvoy

Such sweet comments.  Melinda would love these.  It is somehow better to know what happened to someone; it helps us close that chapter.  Thanks for these comments (and Cyndi, "Spiller's" brought back many forgotten memories!).  I hope we can all feel this level of caring and good memories while we live - don't forget to tell your friends and family how important they are while you can!  As Michael Lipson has said to me, the drop off in attendance between this reunion and the next one could be quite high...

Hugs to you all.  Bonnie

09/23/20 01:29 PM #4    

Sue Campbell (Tracy)

Melinda was a dear dear friend. For some unknown reason, I always called her Merimba. A few of us had been trying to find her for a year or so with no luck. I am so saddened to hear of her passing and wonder how it is  I haven't kept such good friends in my life. I didn't meet Melinda until high school when we were in Omega together. We certainly shared some great adventures. She was always so sweet and funny....but definitely had a mischievious side.  I wish I knew more about her life. If anyone knows about her life after graduation, please send me a message.  I have a few great pictures of Melinda, which I'll attempt to post. Having trouble posting pictures.  I'll always love you, Melinda. Susie Campbell



09/25/20 03:34 PM #5    

Brien Braun

Melinda was the sweetest person that you could meet.

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